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What does it replace and how different is it?

Rather than replacing any existing software, 4ikIM complements existing programs—essentially offering a solution to a relatively new (and rapidly growing) problem.

The amount of information handled by individuals, corporations and institutions is increasing exponentially and, yet, it is all sorted and managed in “silos” that reflect the type of program used to create the information (WORD, Gmail, PDF, JPG, etc.).

At the same time, programs that allow for information to be shared in groups offer ad hoc (project and group-specific) solutions but they continue to generate additional storage needs. 4iKIM integrates all types of information elements on a common platform that allows for versatile information sharing and knowledge creation without the need for files to be duplicated

The key behind 4iKIM’s differentiated value is an integrated, pragmatic approach to information and knowledge management and the continuity of the very talented team that developed it.

As we release each new version of 4iKIM, we are already working on the next set of enhancements, so we can offer not just a tool but also the ability to evolve it quickly—either on the basis of our ideas or from feedback received from clients or partners.

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