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Key Concepts

People, documents and time elements get their meaning when related in context. As in the human brain, knowledge in 4iKIM is contained in the connections between units of information. With 4ikim knowledge can be created from any kind of information, regardless of the tool used to generate it. Since no information is isolated, 4ikim makes every bit of information connected.
Today, information is as important as its source : people are the source and purpose of information exchange and creation. From external contacts (customers, suppliers, partners...) to co-workers, 4ikim facilitates interaction and full tracking of our relationship with them: communication, documents, time.
Communication allows us to receive and send information. 4iKIM simplifies it, allowing communication through multiple media: instant messaging, videochat, email... With 4iKIM you can manage these communications in a unified way, without having to install or turn to other work environments.
People work with multiple types of documents and information. 4iKIM provides a unique working environment to manage all these elements regardless of their type, origin or location. MS Office documents, open office documents, pictures, google docs, email attachments... All of them accessible through a single web interface where you will be able to manage, create versions, share and relate without creating redundancies or multiple copies.
Time marks the rhythm of our daily activities. Using 4iKIM you will be able to thoroughly monitor time, plan your schedule of events, and locate every element on a timeline. Meetings, trips, people, locations, calls, communications, projects... 4ikim manages time in a unified, comprehensive and easy way.
The time of being tied to an office is over. Today we need to have all the information available anytime, anywhere. 4iKIM can be accessed from any mobile device, providing all the information contained in the platform. With access to people, communications, documents and all records of information, all your knowledge is always at your fingertips.