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People behind

4iKIM is a young company built on the ideas and expertise of its leaders in the field of information and communications technology. Our approach to product development combines our vision of the potential of technology with a pragmatic focus on solving our clients' problems.

4iKIM’s founder, Alfonso Murat, is an entrepreneur with several successful ventures in the ICT arena to his credit. He is backed up by a solid team on the business side, David Fernandez Martinez - CTO and Carlos Huidobro Development Director, and all his team, a talented group of systems and software engineers.

With our knowledge, experience and interaction with our clients, we have developed 4iKIM, a new cloud concept to manage any kind of information from different sources, in an integrated manner, generating knowledge through user interaction to be a web collaboration platform.

Our mission is to meet the needs that enterprises and institutions–small or large–have with respect to information and knowledge management and collaboration. We aim to do this with a flexible web-based formula that does not require our clients to make costly investments in IT infrastructure.