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Manage information from different sources and formats

different types of documents
  • Get data from various external and internal sources (email, document management systems, fax, etc.)
  • Forget about dealing with specific tools. 4iKIM provides a framework in which each element type behaves as it should.
  • Manage a wide range of element types, like email, contacts, notes, google documents, web sites, projects, tasks, events, etc.

Share and collaborate, creating knowledge

share and collaborate
  • Share elements, and let other users work with them.
  • Adjust security to allow or deny access to groups or individuals.
  • Use the built-in instant messaging system as a powerful collaborative tool.
  • Decide hierarchically who acquires the knowledge of your partners or employees.

As a cloud application
4iKIM will

reduce file storage
  • Avoid the storage of the same files multiple times by different individuals in the work group.
  • Reduce hardware expenditure requirements and hardware management complexity.

Key Concepts


People, documents and time elements get their meaning when related in context. As in the human brain, knowledge in 4iKIM is contained in the connections between units of information.

With 4iKIM knowledge can be created from any kind of information, regardless of the tool used to generate it. Since no information is isolated, 4iKIM makes every bit of information connected.

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The IBM strategy is aligned around a single business model: innovation.


Getting started

Step 1: Choose pricing and numbres of users right arrow Step 2: Activate your account right arrow Step 3: Create users right arrow Step 4: Start working!

4iKIM provides many features and functionalities. Some of them may not be suitable for you.

Because of that, when you sign up, you can choose which features you will use and select the pricing plan that best suits your needs.

Then you only have to select the number of users your organization or workgroup needs. 4iKIM will charge you monthly per user.

Once you've registered, you will receive in your email an activation code. With this code you can activate your new account as a 4iKIM administrator.

Just enter the code, and you can start managing your 4iKIM account.

Remember that during the launch phase of 4iKIM, access to all functionality is free.

When you 4iKIM account is activated, you only have to create the users who are going to work and collaborate with you.

Just create the users in the system using 4iKIM.

From this point, each one of your users will have full access to 4iKIM with the signed pricing plan.

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